Professional Fiduciary Services


As court appointed conservator, we locate, manage and protect the financial assets of the protected person. We maintain accurate, detailed fiduciary records of all transactions and file accountings reviewed and approved by the court.

Personal Representative/ Estate Administration

We are responsible for finalizing the affairs, paying the debts and assembling and distributing the remaining assets as outlined in decedent's estate plan or will. If an elder law firm is required, we have trusted partners to refer you to.

Financial Power of Attorney

We oversee and pay all services and care needs for clients when they are unable to make those decisions for themselves.

Representative Payee

We offer the service of Rep Payee for both Social Security and Veterans Administration

Our Team

Leigh Teichman, Owner

Leigh has focused her career on Elder Law specializing in Conservatorships and Probate Administration. Leigh is a member of Colorado Guardianshp Association.

Contact Us

Align Fiduciary Services

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